Driving for Peaches Release Their New Song, ’Firework’

Sep 30th, 2021

Portland, Oregon -  Firework, the first of three new songs set to emerge from their NE Portland basement this fall, is the latest single from indie pop/rock band, Driving for Peaches.

“Sometimes you experience something, and it reminds you of what seems like another life,” said Peaches guitarist and co-songwriter Pete Harrington. “Firework is about a relationship, when distance has given perspective and time has smoothed the edges of even the most difficult moments, leaving only a feeling of nostalgia for something that will never come again.”

Written during the band’s weekly porch rehearsals and recorded in Harrington’s basement, Firework sees singer and co-songwriter Ditte Kuijpers delivering a characteristically strong vocal performance, complemented by catchy harmonies that take flight as the song reaches its energetic climax.

Interestingly, the band reached out to Latin Grammy-nominated engineer and producer Mara Elisa Ayerbe to mix Firework, a decision Pete says had a lot to do with taking a fresh look at the recording process. “Like many other sectors, the music industry is male-dominated, so we tried to look for other options. I was watching some mixing tutorials on YouTube one day, and Maria popped up. And well, she’s incredible. Just an amazing mix engineer and person. And she wanted to work with us because she loved Ditte’s vocals - so that was a done deal.”


Song artwork

About Driving for Peaches

Portland-based indie-rock/pop band Driving for Peaches formed in late 2019, when three new friends from faraway places - Dutch vocalist Ditte Kuijpers, and guitarists Pete Harrington from the U.K. and Alex Whitcher from New Zealand - started jamming together.

Socially-distanced sessions followed (there was a pandemic, blessedly uninformed reader of the future), which produced the band’s first songs, Head Straight, Blisters, and Salt.

The band returned to the studio in December 2021  accompanied by Portland musician Ian Kelley on drums, this time out of the basement and into Portland’s Sisterly Silence to lay down five tracks for their second E.P., Circles.

April 2021 saw Alex depart the US and fly home to New Zealand , which left Driving for Peaches as a songwriting duo of Ditte and Pete, who continued to jam, write and record new songs, the first of which, Firework, launched September 30tth, 2021.

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