Five Tracks of Forever: Driving for Peaches Release ‘Circles’

March 17th, 2021

Portland, Oregon - Loops of confusion, blurred lines and bending realities - Driving for Peaches tuned into the energy of 2020 to write Circles, a 5-track EP recorded at Portland’s Sisterly Silence Studios during December 2020.

“We wanted to recognize the strangeness of the life in the past year, living through a pandemic where every day become like the next, where it felt like one thought could transcend past, present, future, fantasy or reality,” explained Peaches singer Ditte Kuijpers. “And in each song, we tried to blend streams of consciousness with snippets of stories and several meanings to try to exorcise our feelings.”

Kicking off with the Pixies-influenced Subterfuge, the EP quickly changes gear with the slow and climatic Television before switching moods again through an almost happy Better Late Than Never, Nico-esque Every Story, before closing back where it started with the muscular rock of My Love.

“The songs seemed to sit best in that order,” said Peaches guitarist Peter Harrington. “And even though they all have a certain mood, together say something about the past year and the time we spent together writing them, even at a distance.”

Circles hits streaming and download services the week commencing March 15th.


Band press shot

About Driving for Peaches

Driving for Peaches formed in late 2019 in Portland, Oregon, when three friends from the Netherlands, the UK and New Zealand started making music together. With strong, female-led vocals backed by catchy, interweaving guitars, Driving for Peaches blend influences such as Radiohead, Nick Cave and Captain Beefheart to create a sound that reflects their disparate roots.

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