“Daydream, about the things you love. Hold them under the water till they never come back up.”

Driving for Peaches formed in late 2019 in Portland, Oregon, when three new friends from faraway places started jamming together. When jams became songs, the trio  - Ditte Kuijpers from the Netherlands on vocals, and guitarists Alex Whitcher from New Zealand and Pete Harrington from the UK - turned their thoughts towards gigs, and started to look for a bassist and drummer to join the band.  And then COVID hit.

With live venues shut and the search for new musicians put on hold, the trio decided to try to record their ideas in Harrington's basement home studio, starting a series of socially-distanced sessions that produced the songs Head Straight, Blisters, and Salt. Keen to complete the recordings, the trio called up UK session drummer, Danyal Ince, who sent in beats from abroad. Bass proved trickier, but with other options exhausted, Harrington borrowed an old Fender four-string from Kuijpers to complete the tracks. Finally,  the songs were sent off to the UK’s Chris Brown (Radiohead, Muse, The Beatles),  former Senior Engineer at Abbey Road Studios, for mixing and mastering.

Accompanied  by Portland musician Ian Kelley on drums, Driving for Peaches returned to the studio in December, this time out of the basement and into Portland’s Sisterly Silence to lay down five tracks for their second E.P, set to release in March 2021.

- updated 11th January, 2021

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