Driving for Peaches formed in late 2019 in Portland, Oregon, when three new friends from faraway places - Dutch vocalist Ditte Kuijpers, and guitarists Pete Harrington from the U.K. and Alex Whitcher from New Zealand - started jamming together.

Socially-distanced sessions followed (there was a pandemic, blessedly uninformed reader of the future), which produced the band’s first songs, Head Straight, Blisters, and Salt.

The band returned to the studio in December 2021  accompanied by Portland musician Ian Kelley on drums, this time out of the basement and into Portland’s Sisterly Silence to lay down five tracks for their second E.P., Circles.

April 2021 saw Alex depart the US and fly home to New Zealand , which left Driving for Peaches as a songwriting duo of Ditte and Pete, who continued to jam, write and record new songs, the first of which, Firework, launches September 30th.

- updated 13th September, 2021

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